Rare Chance To Commission a Hageman Special

October 15, 2018 | By Mike Seate

The custom motorcycle market is indeed a fickle mistress. Bikes that were under-loved cast-offs a few years back now command wallet-flattening prices while some makes and models that were recently considered the pinnacle of perfection, become also-rans. In the wake of such a topsy-turvy marketplace, the specials builders have to ride each of these unpredictable waves to try and stay abreast of the latest trends. One of the nation’s top custom cafe racer builders is undisputably Iowa’s Greg Hagemen who almost single-handedly created the demand for Yamaha’s Virago cruiser as a custom special. It was Greg who hand-crafted the custom subframes for the XV750s and 920s that allowed countless custom builders to adapt tiny, cafe seats to the otherwise homely cruisers and his work transforming the breed into breathtaking objects of rolling art is unparalleled.

We spoke to Greg recently who says his build calendar is unusually vacant at the moment, which means anyone who’s craved one of his unique creations had a chance at commissioning one of their own. To have one of the modern cafe masters design and build a machine from a basket cause if never cheap, but Hageman Customs tend to hold their value over the long term. Fun to ride, defying, though shadetree engineering the Virago’s origins, these bikes provide an unforgettable experience. Interested? Drop him a line at docschops@yahoo.com