A World Of Riders

March 24, 2021 | By Mike Seate


Coming up in the April/May issue of Cafe Racer, we’re proud to present an eye-opening preview of one of the best motorcycle photography books ever published. International photo-journalist Henry von Wartenburg spent years traveling the world on two wheels, collecting images of everyday motorcycle riders at work and at play. The disparate imagery he collected manages to capture the essence of two-wheeling, whether we’re looking at a working-class Asian family transporting several relatives by small-displacement commuter bike through a crowded village or a fun-loving rider enjoying the open spaces and adventure of the open road. We’re lucky enough to have interviewed von Wartenburg about his new book “The Riders” which presents an astonishing collection of these images in large-format pages. There have been some incredible biking photo essays – Danny Lyons’ “The Bikeriders” comes to mind- but rather than focus on a single subculture or subject, “The Riders” manages to cover areas of motorcycling many of us never knew existed, from South American custom shows to Indian bike taxis riding alongside elephants as both perform their daily work. Amazing stuff not to be missed.