Help For Your Addictions

September 11, 2020 | By Mike Seate

Longtime CRM contributor Blair Powell shared this week’s post with us and in the middle of a double deadline with not one but two issues of Cafe Racer magazine to get ready for the newsstand, it provided a much-needed laugh. It appears that Mr. Powell suffers from the same malady as do many of our contributors and readers, that uncontrollable urge to add more and more two-wheelers to our already overfilled garages. Blair is not much of a materialist, living a decidedly spare existence without believing much in debt, hyperconsumerism or other modern afflictions of the wallet. However, we all have a weak spot for certain items and Blair’s are old motorcycles. The owner of not one but two garage spaces plus an outdoor patio deck where he stores his everyday riding bikes, Blair, like many of us, just can’t help himself when promising project bikes come up for sale. When asked just how many streetbikes he owns at any given time, his eyes grow cloudy as he struggles to count how many motorcycles he owns considering the various basket-cases, rolling chassis and unfinished projects in his possession. The faux Haynes manual cover he shared with us should actually become a genuine title, as there’s countless personal accounts folks could share about coming to terms with serial bike buying.