Test Ride Season

September 18, 2019 | By Mike Seate

As fall quickly approaches here on the Eastern parts of the country, our sights this time of year turn Westward. That’s where the major motorcycle manufacturers store all manner of new demonstration models, bikes set aside from the showroom floors for the sole purpose of entertaining us motojourno types. There’s a bumper crop of incredible retro–flavored and high-performance naked streetbikes on offer these days so as we’ve done for each of the past 12 seasons, the CRM crew will tear up the canyons of Southern California in hopes of finding which are best. We’re especially lucky this time as two of the most skilled riders we’ve ever employed to test ride with us- professional roadracer Eric Bostrom and comedian and fast dude Alonzo Bodden will be joining us.

What new machines are on the agenda for this year’s journey? Well, since spotting one at this past January’s Progressive International Motorcycle Show, we’ve been eager to throw a leg across the saddle of Kawasaki’s new W800 twin, while the Z900RS Cafe Racer edition is also on the schedule. Kawasaki has really been mining their rich performance bike heritage with some memorable and very capable bikes as of late and tearing up the roads aboard these two should be a treat. We’re trying to hook up a couple of Ducatis and Triumphs as well, and the good people at Harley-Davidson have slotted us in for some time aboard some of their latest Low Rider S models, big inch American twins designed for canyon carving. If you’re lucky enough to ride the challenging, apex-heavy roads around the Agoura Hills area where we;ll be, you can’t help but notice that seriously quick riders aboard modded Harley big twins are quite the thing out here. Some of these guys are seriously rapid, challenging riders aboard mush lighter and faster sportbikes in ways that seem to defy physics. And while I suspect only Mr. Bostrom will be achieving this level of motorcycle excellence during our fast-approaching trip, we’ll be sure to provide honest, accurate details on what sort of neo cafe racers await you in the showrooms. Ride safely!