Eric Bostrom’s Got Your Back

March 9, 2019 | By Mike Seate

I was fortunate enough to work alongside pro roadracer Eric Bostrom during the taping of Velocity’s “Cafe Racer” TV series and a more intelligent, thoughtful rider I’ve never met. Bostrom raced for 25 incredible years at the highest echelons of AMA Superbike series and amassed championship status as an AMA Supersport rider, as well as a title racing Harley-Davidson twins on the dirt track. Though as nails but a true gentleman, Bostrom now works on products that assist motorcyclists in improving their health- a much-needed discipline indeed. I recall being shocked at the recent Cleveland, IMS event at the number of riders utilizing canes, leg braces, crutches and even walkers as they made their way past our booth, and I remember wondering whether our sport need be so devastating to the human body. Eric doesn’t think so and is currently offering a prize of a new protective leather jacket on his website in order to spread awareness of the site and healthier motorcycling.

Eric’s post-racing career has focused on creating products and practices that help people deal with the sort of chronic pain he’s experienced from years on the competitive race circuit. His approach is holistic, and his products have worked well enough to see Eric through a successful mountain bike racing career after he left the superbike field. The site is worth checking out as I, one with a severe limp and a gait not unlike that of TV curmudgeon Fred Sanford, can attest. It’s all about feeling well so we can ride better, a worthy prescription in anyone’s book.