Mad, Bad and Very Funky Modern Triton

December 17, 2018 | By Mike Seate

Though there’s plenty to dislike about the Internet, we occasionally come across images that really knock our collective socks off. One such photo has become the permanent desktop computer backdrop as the technical expertise and sheer audacity of this British special is truly deserving of the label. From the numberplate we can tell this is a UK-borne machine, but the level of detail and dedication to keeping this custom as British as possible shows through everywhere from the mock Norton featherbed chassis (obviously a one-off design) to the brawny, Hinckley Triumph 900 triple engine. Modern, upside down forks are clearly culled from a late-model Japanese sportbike while the hand-pounded alloy bodywork adds some genuine 1960s authenticity to this very wild piece of high-performance metal. It’s encouraging to see the first-generation water-cooled Triumphs becoming cherished collectors bikes and fodder for customs as they were and are remarkable motorbikes. Our original, 1996 Speed Triple 900 remains a sought-after ride among the CRM staffers who dig its moody, black livery, throaty exhaust note and surprisingly solid handling. Still available for just a few grand, they’re destined to become collectible (Read: damned expensive) in the years to come.
If anyone reading this knows to whom this beautiful beast belongs, please have them contact us!