Beautiful Beemer


It’s not everyday that an independent magazine gets a scoop that beats the big guys to the punch, but this time, the stars aligned in our favor. CRM contributor Paul Rudolf makes his daily green at European Motorcycles of Pittsburgh, a local shop that just happens to have an early-release model of BMW’s wicked-cool R Nine T Racer. We’ve been lusting after a ride on the new Boxer retro cafe since hearing of its imminent release some months back, and Paul, with the help of the shop’s new owner set up a test ride just for CRM. The official launch of the sleek, white beauty isn’t scheduled for another three weeks or so (which we’ll bring you coverage of) so our April/May issue’s sneak preview is a definite coup. On sale April 6, we’ll reveal just what’s so special about this much-anticipated Bavarian beauty.

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