Classic Racing In Kansas

April 25, 2021 | By Mike Seate


One of the happiest means of measuring our nearing the end of the ongoing Coronavirus shut-down is the recent deluge of announcements about upcoming motorcycle events. Many of the weekend meets, races and custom shows that were cancelled in 2020 are gloriously springing back to life for this coming summer, including AHRMA’s Classic Moto Fest. This is a three-day slice of paradise for classic speed enthusiasts and is taking place at Topeka’s Heartland Motorsports Park from May 28 to 30th and offers everything from motocross to road racing, on-site camping and even a sprawling used bike and parts swap meet. The American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association is filling grids and paddocks coast to coast this year, making up for time lost in 2020 and according to AHRMA’s Curtis Comer, Classic Moto Fest is a real corker. “It’s a great place for all kinds of motorcycle competition, from drag racing to roadracing to off-road stuff and with the swap meet and shows, it’s also a great place for enthusiasts to get together and just people and bike watch,” he said.  It’s odd how, even for riders like myself who spend most of their two-wheeled time riding alone or wrenching in the garage, how much I miss the company of other riders and the awe-inspiring spectacle of motorcycles running at full speed. The sights, smells and sounds of racing can only be truly enjoyed up close and in-person, despite how many YouTube videos we try to ingest. Get out there and enjoy these weekend get-togethers which many of us took for granted until very recently.

Also in event news, a few 2021 events will not be taking place due to continued pandemic health and safety concerns. This list includes the annual Classic Motorcycle Day held last in 2019 in  Mount Airy, Maryland. The Classic TT and Manx Grand Prix, both on the Isle of Man and slated to begin roaring in late August, have also been postponed for this year. However, events like Classic Moto Fest promise to make this summer a worthwhile comeback, something everyone could use right about now. Tickets are on sale now at Heartland Motorsports Park AHRMA Classic Motofest in the Heartland tickets (