Auction Action Resumes

July 8, 2020 | By Mike Seate

These past few months of relative social lockdown have left many of us biking types eager to get out there and socialize with other riders. Unfortunately, most every motorcycle gathering previously scheduled for this summer has been cancelled, leaving us to ride without the usual cameraderie and group fellowship important to many in the sport. However, one upside of the virus shutdown- that my wife reminds me of often – is that by staying home, many of us lucky enough not to be impacted economically, have managed to save a few bucks. This means extra cash for those long-postponed custom build project, parts and performance upgrades we’ve been dreaming of and, yes, finding tat special dream bike we’ve always wanted. An event that will help on several of the aforementioned fronts is slated to take place in Nashua, New Hampshire on August 124 as J.Wood and Co. commence with the much-anticipated auction of the Gate City Cycle Center. This treasure trove of classic British bikes, pats, mechanical bits and accessories was postponed from May and now is slated to get under Friday morning at 820 West Hollis Street, where dozens of motorcycles in various stages of repair, will be under the gavel. If you’ve never attended a classic bike auction, they’re about as close to recreating the excitement and adrenaline-charged anticipation of Christmas morning back when we were kids as things get. Just peering at some of the machines that will be on offer at the jwood auction website makes my bank balance shiver (and my wife break out in a cold sweat) and there’s enough engines, frames and unfinished projects for sale to keep us wrenching for years. Don’t miss out and be ready to bid.