Adventure Hogs

May 22, 2020 | By Mike Seate

Robert Pandya’s Cartoon Sportster at the Sportster Showdown at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s Camp Zero.

We’re just putting the finishing touches on Cafe Racer magazine’s June/July issue which includes some fun, informative stories about our favorite brand of custom motorcycles. Our esteemed columnist Robert Pandya’s Inside Line story for this issue focuses on something most of us never knew existed. Robert, who has worked deep inside the motorcycle industry for decades as a public relations rep, new rider instructor and them man behind the International Motorcycle Show’s brilliant Discover The Ride program, has built himself a custom bike that’s got to be seen to be believed. A fan of all sorts of two-wheeled inventions, he’s created a dual-sport Harley-Davidson Sportster, perhaps the only one we know of to be rolling on Texas roads. Robert, pictured above aboard the genre-busting V-twin beast, has unusual tastes in custom bikes, having detailed the creation and inventive back story behind his equally rare Indian Chief cafe racer in our current April/May magazine. Check out his latest missive as he details the construction, challenges and sheer enjoyment of making the 1200cc Hog fly through rutted backroads, muddy fields and all sorts of terrain the bike was never intended to conquer.