Tech Talk

January 15, 2020 | By Mike Seate

We’re just back from the Washington, D.C. Progressive International Motorcycle Show where the massive crowd was definitely into the custom cafe bike scene. I was enlisted by the organizers to stage several tech talks in the show’s vintage bike arena on how to select the proper donor bike to build a cafe racer and to say it was a blast would be an understatement. There’s plenty of other activities to attract folks at the IMS from stunt shows, electric bike demo rides – held indoors, no less- and loads of the latest 2020 streetbikes from the major manufacturers. So to have crowds turn up for my talks was truly inspiring and a whole lot of fun. The assembled folks asked some interesting questions after each presentation, with some wondering if two strokes were still viable choices (check your local emissions laws first) and whether Vincents still made for smart investments (jury’s still out on that one!)

Cafe Racer magazine is packing up and heading to the Cleveland IMS late next week where I’ll again be hosting talks on everyone’s favorite type of custom bike so check the schedule of events inside the IX Center and stop on by. Folks who visit the seminars can take home a free copy of the magazine and if you’re purchasing tickets in advance, remember to use the promo code CAFE20 for $3 off admission. See you there!