Our Kinda Brough

December 2, 2019 | By Mike Seate

During a recent visit to London’s Bike Shed, we were lucky enough to spot one of the new Brough Superior S100 motorcycles on display. For those not familiar, Brough Superior were considered the world’s most desirable high-performance streetbikes during the first quarter of the last century. Their large-capacity V-Twins were the first motorcycles capable of sustained speeds in excess of 100 MPH and became famous -some would say infamous- when Brough’s most lauded customer, Lawrence of Arabia, crashed and died aboard one during the 1930s. Over the years, Broughs, like Vincents, have become among the most sought after and revered machines by wealthy collectors who’ve helped auction prices reach values over a quarter million bucks consistently. With a reputation and lore like that, it’s no surprise that some clever engineer would devise a means of resurrecting the brand, which is just what’s happened in Brough Superior’s native England. The new machines, dubbed the S100 are really something to see up close and in the metal; the design, clearly inspired by the 1930s machines, features a hand-made alloy fuel tank and seat unit, a unique DOHC 1,000cc water-cooled engine and lines that somehow managed to appear contemporary and vintage all at once. Even the running gear is a wild mash-up of old and new technology, with a wishbone fork sporting radial Beringer brakes with 18-spoke mag wheels running modern sticky radial tires. Bets of all, these $40,000 beauties are actually for rent in London so expect a full road test in an upcoming issue of Cafe Racer. We can’t wait!