Electrical Wizardry

August 27, 2019 | By Mike Seate

Blake Kelly in Action

Regular CRM readers will have missed seeing the name Blake Kelly in our masthead as of late. Blake, the magazine’s star test rider, fix-it expert and all-around wit has been busy at graduate school, seeking an advanced degree n the sort of high tech field where a man of his astute mind is surely to excel. We’ve missed his amazing ability to build, weld and generally fix any mechanical conundrum he comes across in the team CRM garage, from rebuilding the best version of a Dresda Triton we’ve ever ridden, to sussing electrical issues that have caused the rest of us mere mortals to tear what little hair we have remaining out by the roots.

So it is with great fanfare that we announce Mr. Kelly’s long-awaited return to the editorial fold come issue #65. Blake turned up, wiring tools and volt-meter in hand recently to help us find a working solution to the problems we’ve encountered with substandard aftermarket lighting on our 1973 Norton Commando. We won’t reveal just yet the groundbreaking solutions that Blake came upon using plenty of his endless supply of imaginative brainpower, but come the October/November issue, your perceptions of just what can be done to improve the electrics on classic British streetbikes will be changed forever. Stay tuned…