Poster Child Moto Guzzi

June 6, 2019 | By Mike Seate

We’re quite proud of our talented crew of International contributors, folks who are constantly on the search for unique, custom-made speedbkes wherever they are. Among the rarest machines we’ve featured over the years are customized Moto Guzzi cafe racers. The thudding, sweet-handling Italian V-twins are among our favorites, but tracking them down is tough going. Lucky for us, one of our UK shooters, Lauren Radwell located an unparalleled specimen of a Guzzi scorcher while visiting London’s Ace Cafe last fall. The machine in question has a remarkable story behind it as the owner, Brian Simmonds, became inspired to create a Guzzi special after spotting the 1990s Davida Helmets advert featuring a shapely female rider aboard a sleek silver road missile. Simmonds had the poster displayed proudly on his teenage bedroom wall and years later, studied the image- of the bike,m that is – closely enough to build an exact replica. The story is one of several focused on Italian rides in our new, June/July issue. Rev on!