Something Fishy At The Custom Show

May 30, 2019 | By Mike Seate

Each year, our staff endures one of the most fun meetings in all of publishing. We gather to sample the wares of local food trucks in hopes of determining what vendors to invite to our Reader’s Ride-In Bike Show. I know it’s a thankless task, but one that team CRM are all too ready to suffer through. If you hadn’t noticed, food trucks are all the rage these days, as they offer interesting, tasty and sometimes esoteric eats directly to hungry crowds. We’ve spotted a few at other motorcycle events lately and in recent years, we’ve managed to snag a couple for our event where they’ve been well-received. Come Sunday, August 11, the assembly of classic and custom bike fans will rejoice when they see the mobile chip shop from Piper’s Pub roll in. We’ve been struggling to land the chip truck for a coupe of years, but the popularity – and not to mention authentic British fare they serve up- has made Piper’s a tough catch (pardon the angler’s pun.) This year, you can chill to the sights and sounds of classic British motorbikes while enjoying a plate of traditional, batter-dipped fish and chips, complete with tarter sauce and malt vinegar. Someone around the office commented that the combination could only be more authentically English if we served pints of room-temperature ale, but we’ve decided that beer, at a motorcycle event, isn’t the smartest ides. Oh well- enjoy the chips and we’ll see you on the 11th of August at Sewickley’s War memorial Park.