Classified Ads Launched

December 21, 2018 | By Mike Seate

In a day and age when online advertising threatens to eclipse all others, we’ve decided to take a very retro turn: starting in the February/March issue of Cafe Racer, readers can place tried and true print classified ads to sell motorcycles, parts, services, or whatever’s hanging around your garage that’s outlived its use. Why launch print classifieds now? Well, after years of dealing with the various cads, cheats and no-goodniks at Internet auction sites like Ebay and growing increasingly fed up, there seems an obvious need for a place where punters can hawk their wares without worry. Like many of you, we’ve had far too many encounters with folks who seem to enjoy the rush of bidding on items only to disappear when payment time rolls around. We’ve also had more than our share of shops who sell parts on line without much knowledge of what makes or models the bits actually fit. Get in touch with us via with either a listing of less than 50 words and a high res image (preferably JPEG format, at least 1mb in file size) and for just $70 the ad will run for a full 60 days. Don’t forget to include contact info for buyers and a daytime phone number. And happy shopping!