Monkeying Around

December 11, 2018 | By Mike Seate

Few submitted images for our regular “Curbside Customs” section have produced as many goofy smiles as the set of photos recently sent in by reader Chris Tope. The West Virginian has previously laid wrench to a 1967 Honda CB450- the fabled Black Bomber edition- and decided to retro fit a 1977 50cc Honda Z50. The beloved, so-called Monkey Bike was the go-to cheap transportation for a generation of enthusiasts, many being customized or pulling duty as put bikes as racetracks across the country. Chris extensively customized his bike, adding an extended swingarm, beefier 30mm front forks and – get this- a big bore engine kit that now imbues the Z50 with a full, 88cc displacement. We’re set to publish a full feature on the bike come our February/March issue at which time we hope to bring readers some details of Honda’s newly-issued Monkey retro replica, that the European magazines have been raving about. Have a tiny ride of your own? Send some high res pics to us at