Rock Store Survives!

November 10, 2018 | By Mike Seate

Great news surfaced early today when we managed to reach Rock Store owner Rich Savko who confirmed that the beloved So Cal motorcycle meeting place had not, in fact burned down. Savko was surprised to find the restaurant, located on Mulholland Highway in the tiny hamlet of Cornell, California, had just escaped the ferocious Woolsey wildfire by a few precious yards. “The fire was headed right for us, but somehow, missed the Rock Store by no more than ten feet when the winds, thank God, shifted in another direction,” said Savko, second-generation owner of the spot. Many other well-known attractions in this area bordering on Malibu weren’t so fortunate with some 70,000 acres burned and several hundred homes being lost. As of today, Savko says the fire is still not completely contained and the Rock Store is not completely out of danger. “But we’re still here even though we’ve lost electricity and the roads are all closed,” he said. The staff has decided to turn up despite the hazards and are busy preparing meals for local firefighters. This is a great piece of unexpected news especially when local news outlets, including the Los Angeles Daily News, have reported the Rock Store’s demise.