Genius of the GS

September 19, 2018 | By Mike Seate

Come our huge, 100-page October/November issue, we take a look at one of the unsung bargains of the retro custom world, Suzuki’s fabulous GS750. released in 1978, the Gs was Suzuki’s first big four-stroke machine. The very modern double overhead cam engine is still a peach to unleash as it’s smoother, quicker and more tractable than any of the more popular SOHC bikes that dominate today’s cafe custom market. The relative unpopularity of the GS750 makes it a big-time bargain on the used market garnering just a fraction of what a comparable Honda CB750 would.

Though the GS suffers from a tiny aftermarket parts catalog, buyers can easily adapt this very capable machine into any sort of custom they can imagine. In need of even more grunt than the 750 has to offer? The GS1000 offers the sort of performance to thrill even the gnarliest sportbike rider for just a few hundred bucks more. Naturally, the brakes on these machines- despite being hydraulic discs- are a bit wooden and need upgraded pads and modern Kevlar hoses. But the handling, despite their considerable weight, is fluid and impressive while the steady purr from the exhausts is enough to brings miles of smiles. Read all about it come October 7.