A Little Marquez On The Side

August 21, 2018 | By Mike Seate

Though we’re being careful not to release any images of the various trophy class winner’s from this months Reader’s Ride-In Custom Show, we decided to share one of the more memorable- and unexpected – entries. Sidecar rigs may not, in fact, qualify as pure cafe racers, but the popularity of the three-wheelers has proven consistent with attendees and readers alike. Of the three sidehacks that entered this year’s competition, two had claimed prizes as the ingenuity and sheer fun embodied in these custom machines is simply undeniable.

Check out the crazy, rule-breaking tech displayed on Ken Cahill’s Honda CB450 sidecar rig, a bike designed in tribute to the owner’s favorite Moto GP star Spanish rider Marc Marquez. The CB450 sits cradled in a special construction chassis that features a rear end and suspension from a Honda CBR1100, a Kawasaki ZX7RR front end and a custom-built sidecar made from fiberglass and electrical conduit material. There’s full details and some lovely photos coming in the October/November issue of Cafe Racer magazine.