Can You Top This?

July 12, 2018 | By Mike Seate

With less than one month remaining before the 11th Annual Reader’s ride-In Custom Bike Show, we’re gearing up to see some of our regular show entries again this year. For several of the past few events, starting back when the event was still being stages as party of Vintage Motorcycle Days at Mid-Ohio, Dave Williams has rolled away with a People’s Choice or Best in Show trophy for his far-out T140 Triton. Dave, a bodyman from Upstate New York, has continually wowed the crowds with his wideline special, a bike that’s both dazzling for its intricate details and groundbreaking for Dave’s refusal to follow assumed rules about just what British ton-up bikes can be.

We hear endless compliments about the dual running lamps molded into the Triumph/Norton hybrid’s fuel tank, culled from a classic Buick that Dave was also restoring. There’s even tiny propellers mounted in the reverse megaphone mufflers that spin- naturally- whenever Dave wicks the throttle. Are there Tritons or other hand-built specials out there capable of de-throning Dave’s workmanship? Turn up at Sewickley’s War Memorial Park come Saturday, August 11 and we’ll find out together!