Promising Progress

June 13, 2018 | By Mike Seate

As regular readers will know, CRM shies away from running start-to-finish build stories unless the motorcycles in question are constructed here in our home garage. Many folks contact us eager to share pics of their machines from the moment customization begins to the proud day when that tetanus-shot inducing pile of rusted metal becomes a sleek, functioning cafe racer. However, space limitations (read: print is bloody expansive!) and time constraints mean we generally can only show off your finished motorbikes. However, as we’re deep in the build of our own Honda CB450, this shot sent in by Erin DeVega is well worth sharing. DeVega’s Honda twin is far from running condition, but already showing signs of turning out to be a real head-turner. The 450 parallel twin motor was one of Honda’s early masterpieces, resembling a more modern version of the classic British twin of the era, only offering high-tech (for 1968, anyway) improvements like double overhead came, counterbalancers to smooth vibration and electric starting. The way the engine fills the frame’s engine cradle is, in our opinion, a thing of industrial beauty. We’re experimenting with several types of aftermarket bodywork for our CB450, some of the choices to be revealed in our August/September issue. Who knows where our bike will end up, aesthetically, but this image proves there’s loads of inspiring options.