Time To Re-Tire

If you’ve riding classic iron this summer and still running old school bias-ply ribbed tires, let us hip you to a serious piece of information. several tire manufacturers are currently rolling our modern, sticky radial rubber for vintage motorcycle rim sizes and after fitting a set to our 1978 Suzuki GS750 custom, the bike is totally re-born. The new hoops are constructed of the same sort of compounds that make sportbike tires to adhesive to the roads and easy to corner fast on; we replaced an aging set of ribbed Avons on the Suzuki with a pair of Avon’s Roadrider Radials and within the first few tight corners, the difference in handling was as clear as a cop’s lights in the rearview mirrors. The ability to countersteer into turns and feel the front tire’s feedback though the handlebars was a new sensation for this nearly 40 year-old custom bike and at higher speeds, the stability and conficence are downright, well, modern. incredible results for a few hundred bucks investment, and most tire makers, from Metzeler to Dunlop to Pirelli have entered the vintage radials game, so now’s the time to seriously upgrade your classic bike experience. See you in the twisties!

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