Cool Off, Chill Out, Catch a Classic Ton-Up Flick

It’s been seriously, tropical island hot around these parts for the past couple of weeks. It’s the time of year when wise riders will choose to hot the streets in either early morning before the heat and summer humidity rise, or wait until near sundown, when evening breezes cool the atmosphere. We’re anticipating similar weather come our August 12 Reader’s Ride-In Custom Bike Show, so in the interest of keeping things comfortable for our attendees, we’ve added a cool-off room just adjacent to the bike show area at Sewickley’s War Memorial Park. The room is actually the Sewickley YMCA’s events center and come Saturday, August 12, it will be your location to kick back, drink something cold and catch one of the classic rocker movies we’ve scheduled to play continuously all day. The first flick, 1964’s The Leatherboys” starts running when doors open at 10 a.m, followed by the coming-of-age rocker drama “Some People” at noon, followed by “An Ace Day” a rollicking 1994 documentary chronicling the unlikely resurgence of England’s most visited transport cafe at 2. So even if Ma Nature decides to do her Heat Miser impersonation, this year’s event as your (sweaty) back covered.

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