New Bikes Galore


Tis spring and besides the budding greenery and start of riding season, the release of new motorcycles from the major manufacturers is at hand. 2017 promises to be a banner year for retro-flavored streetbikes with nearly all the OEM’s busting out with cafe-inspired models, new naked performance roadsters and machines that will fill the pages of upcoming issues of Cafe Racer. Just last weekend, we were in Los Angeles throwing a leg over the saddles of several new-for-2017 machines including Honda’s groovy Rebel 500, Triumph’s wicked-fast Bobber 1200 Bonneville (pictured above being ridden by comedian ace bike tester Alonzo Bodden) ) showing off it’s amazing handling and mind-blowing torque and the surprise find, Kawasaki’s Z650 . The parallel twin Z proved nimble, fun and far more powerful than expected, tearing through the So Cal canyons like a panther with an energy drink jag. Stay tuned for full road tests and exciting action images by the brilliantly talented Kevin Wing starting June 2.

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