Rockers, Texas Style


One of the most inspiring and downright fun events we’re ever attended is the annual Rockers VS Mods rally in Dallas, Texas. The crowds the event drew were impressive to say the least, with equal numbers of restored, vintage scooters and way-happenin’ cafe racers on display. This is a true rider’s rally, with around 4,000 assorted two-wheelers arriving from throughout the region, and we met some committed riders who had traveled hundreds of miles- low bars and all- to make the scene. Among our faves was the crew of local Mods who each dressed as a character from the Who rock-opera “Quadrophenia” right down to the bags of mock bennies hanging from their handlebars. This year marks the 6th staging of the weekend-long party, which kicks off on Friday,  March 30. There’s custom motorbike and scooter shows and live bands plus plenty of massed ride-outs at venues including the Belmont Hotel, Bryan Street Tavern, Vespa Dallas, Randy’s Scooter Museum, RPM Cycles, SMOKE and The Dub. Slap on that parka or pudding basin and see what all the fuss is about and click on for more.

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