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Garage Brewed 2017


Come Saturday, January 28, Cincinnati, Ohio’s custom streetbike scene will host one of the biggest indoor shows in the region. The annual Garage Brewed Show is a unique day-long celebration of custom bikes and even more highly customized beers. The whole thing goes down (sorry- unintentional beer drinking reference) at the Rheingeist Brewery (located at 1910 Elm Street- from noon until Midnight. Last year, CRM covered the show and we’re glad to have arrived early- with the crowd eventually soaring to a walloping 7,000 attendees, there was barely room to photograph the assembled bobbers, street trackers and many excellent cafe racers. Garage Brewed is organized by Tim Burke of the Cincinnati Cafe Racer Club and offers entrants some cool prizes as well as awards called “Grophies” which are draft beer growler bottles embossed for the winners. Sound like fun? Get there early and look at for more. Hic, burp…

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