December 6, 2016 | By Mike Seate

rolled car

Oops, They’ve Done It Again!

In my column appearing in each issue of CRM, I often lament the general lack of skill, diligence and just plain common sense displayed by the car-driving public. Most drivers, especially those under 40, seem too addicted to their so-called smartphones to pay attention to the very serious business of making their way from Point A to Point B, making riding a streetbike a dicey proposition these days. If you’re a streetbike rider, I’m not sharing any news here, but the daily displays of poor driving are a source of endless frustration and hair-raising frights for us motorcyclists. ¬†And to literally illustrate my point, this image was captured just a mile from the CRM offices one sunny fall day, by Muzzy, our resident custom painter. Muz works part-time for local municipal services and was directing traffic in a construction zone when this distracted motorist managed to get all Evel Knievel on us, rolling her car just a few yards away from where my Manxter cafe racer sat idling. I can only wonder what part of cyberspace her head was lost in to so completely lose her bearings. Needless to say, let’s be ever-so-careful out there!